John Nelson

I have this memory of when I was a young boy holding two mirrors together in my aunt’s bathroom, creating that infinity effect. I remember feeling this primal fear that I encountered at the end of the mirror tunnel in wondering what was just beyond the edge of the light. I like to believe there was someone looking back at me, maybe another me, separated by millimeters of glass or unknowable lengths of time looking in my direction, wondering the same thing.

Light has intrigued me since then. It has the power to travel across the universe and reach our eyes in the form of starlight and activate the imaginations of men to create rich and compelling mythologies. I aim to do that as well… In capturing light and featuring it’s ephemeral qualities I am able to captivate the attention and inspiration of the human mind. Taming light is an endeavor humans have engaged in for millennia and I see myself as the latest iteration of that same spirit.